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Letter- Track is best site

Dear Editor,

Both Hudson City Council and Hudson School Board are made up of elected citizens who are committed to serving the community. We are all working to provide quality services in the most fiscally responsible manner. The school board is sensitive to the city's loss of $25,000 in tax revenue if they vote to rezone St. Croix Meadows from commercial to public. The school district, with all of its residents, will also bear the loss of approximately $40,000 as a result of rezoning. Despite this loss, the citizens recognize the value to our children and the community of investing in high quality schools with supporting facilities.

The City of Hudson's Comprehensive Plan identifies St. Croix Meadows as a "vacant special use space." It is true, this site was built for a single use and the school district is uniquely able to take advantage of the existing infrastructure. The district can redevelop a property that has long sat vacant with little prospect for a developer to come along and invest the millions of dollars required for another user. In the overall big picture of Hudson's economic strength, having the school district redevelop St. Croix Meadows is a win-win for our students and the community. The city's Comprehensive Plan states the city "has based its economic development practices on the concept of creating a community that invites a diversity of businesses supported by the creation and maintenance of quality residential neighborhoods and school systems."

The district has done its due diligence. All aspects of the property analysis confirm St. Croix Meadows as the best site for a secondary school. I respectfully ask the city to work with the district and support rezoning so we can redevelop St. Croix Meadows as a school serving the community for years to come.

Tom Holland, Board of Education President