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Letter- Dislikes addition

Dear Editor,

Yesterday, as I was exiting Knoke's -- a beautifully restored and remodeled building on Locust Street -- I looked over at the old post office and nearly dropped my cone! There I saw an enormous, windowless, two-story cement box being constructed on the west side of that stately old building, originally built in 1939.

I remembered reading something about this project in the Hudson Star-Observer and found this in the archives from last January:

"Major renovations are planned for the building including construction of an addition on the west side that will house the kitchen. But in a phone call Tuesday, Evenson said the historical integrity of the old post office will be preserved."

It is now painfully clear that Mr. Evenson is doing the opposite of what he told this community -- instead, he is responsible for creating an architectural eyesore on one of the most quaint and well-loved streets in Hudson. Such a shame.

I was under the impression that if building plans were submitted that would drastically diminish the integrity of one of our important historic buildings, our elected officials would intervene on behalf of the community to stop that from happening. Sadly, that certainly wasn't true in this case!

We all know that our charming old downtown is a major drawing card for Hudson. So, it makes sound economic sense to preserve our architectural heritage because of the unique marketing advantage doing so affords our community. Furthermore, our irreplaceable historic downtown is the treasured legacy we received from those who built it long ago. It is our responsibility to care for it and pass it on to our children and our children's children. We won't have much left to pass on if we let mistakes like this one slip by without proper intervention.

Wendy Lacska, Hudson