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Letter- Likes lecture series at UW

Likes lecture

series at UW

Dear Editor,

This is in reply to Meredith Berg's letter to the editor in the Star-Observer on Sept. 13.

We have been going to "Morning with the Professor" since we have retired. We go there to hear lectures, meet the professor and take part in the discussion that follows the lecture.

We have had lectures about Sherlock Holmes, working back stage of a theater, hunger in the world, the homeless problem in St. Croix and Pierce counties, economics in the world since the stock market dropped. Yes, we have heard lectures about things that we don't agree with. It is a very sad day for America when learning something new about something you don't agree with is something to be afraid of.

Meredith Berg has not, that I am aware of in the last two years, attended any "Morning with the Professor" lectures. Everything that she is saying is hearsay. Something she has heard from someone else.

I suggest that Ms. Berg sign up and attend one of the morning lectures series. We have a good time, meet new people and maybe she will learn something new.

Steve and Diane Frohlicher, Hudson