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Letter- City needs more balance

Dear Editor,

I am wondering if the pendulum has swung too much in one direction in Hudson. I believe that Hudson currently is out of balance between the interests of business and the interests of its individual citizens. After attending the last city council meeting, I am concerned that the members of the city council are not representing a balanced approach to city planning.

Obviously, attracting quality businesses to Hudson is desirable and necessary for its growth. And to that end I see a number of business-based building sites breaking ground around town. So too is attracting people to live here, to work here, to be educated here, and to enjoy all that Hudson has to offer.

I think the fact that there is a proposal on the table to look into selling the current library building and the challenges that the Hudson School District continues to face in overcrowding are two concrete examples of Hudson City Council members choosing business over the needs of individual. Is this truly the direction our community wants to go? Do we really believe that business at the expense of education will get us where we want to be? Or is there a more balanced approach where productive communication leads to compromise?

If we view the issues that arise in Hudson as "us against them" we all lose. We all want to see Hudson prosper. A huge reason our founding forefathers set up our government the way that they did was that people from different points of view had to be able to listen to one another, to discuss their positions in a public format that was mutually respectful and then compromise. I have no doubt that we can do the right thing for Hudson if we follow their example.

Laura Arthur, Hudson