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Letters- Appreciates construction

Dear Editor,

We appreciate the extra care and planning that is being taken to insure that the Postmark Grille will be a Jewel of Historic Downtown Hudson- inside, outside, and around the southwest corner of the Kitchen Addition.

My wife, Anne, and I live just 2 blocks away on Vine Street, and I have been observing the construction and details. Five fine Boston Ivies are planted in a professional manner in a trench along the South wall and four Boston Ivies are planted along the West wall near the southwest corner.

Over the next year or two these fine Boston Ivies will grow up toward the top of the kitchen wall, beautifying and softening beyond the fact that the exteriors of all cement blocks are contoured and textured to resemble Lannon Stone except for the tan color. In addition to all of this and interior beautifications and upgrades, two flower gardens have been professionally added in front of the Postmark Grille. The ugly old pine bush was removed from the right side of the entry steps and five Black Eyed Susan flowers and other plants carefully installed instead. A similar flower garden has been planted next to the building near the ramp walk. They look great!

We appreciate that the owner, Russell Evenson, and his son-in-law and General Contractor, Mike Schletty, have gone out of their ways to make these efforts to insure that the completed Postmark Grille will be a success and fitting addition to Historic Downtown Hudson. We look forward to this fine new bar and restaurant opening toward the end of November.

Fred Lowe, Hudson