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Letter- Home should be closed

Dear Editor,

Will this nursing home issue ever get solved? Again it is in need of more levied monies.

Each letter written in support of the home refers to the "five-star patient care" at the St. Croix County nursing home. Patient care is not the issue. Bluntly, the issue is money and profitability!

Do taxpayers want the St. Croix County Supervisors to continue to

levy monies against their property to continue to fund a failing and an

unsustainable business? Do taxpayers want St. Croix County supervisors

to keep trying to find ways to plug the dike at the cost of other county departments and adding more burden to taxpayers every year?

The two-thirds vote at the last referendum and the referendum a few years ago is not completely accurate because approximately only one-third of the people residing in St. Croix County own real estate and pay real estate taxes to St. Croix County where the nursing home levy comes from. Individuals voted for a very confusingly worded referendum and many of those voters do not pay real estate taxes. This was/is a non-binding referendum, so the supervisors do have the right to get out of the nursing home business.

I am not anti-nursing home, I am just opposed to having to pay for the

county nursing home when there are many private nursing homes in St.

Croix County that pay property taxes back to county and these nursing homes also provide "five star patient care."

There have been numerous audits and consultations done on the nursing

home and all with dismal financials indicating a failing business.

I am wondering how any of the county supervisors, after seeing the grim audits and poor financial data, could vote to build a new facility? Even with the cost cutting measures of downsizing the number of beds and wage negotiations the problem of funding has not been solved.

I respect Supervisors Tom Hawksford, Tim Hood, Fred Yoerg and Chris

Kilber who are thinking realistically and responsibly. It is very clear to me that these supervisors are not taking this issue lightly, and yes,

this is a gut-wrenching and emotionally draining decision.

Mary Rivard, Hammond