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Letter-Support Hudson tennis

Dear Editor,

Hudson had the opportunity last weekend to participate in the first annual Hudson Tennis Associates tournament. I am impressed with the mission of the Hudson Tennis Association -- to give kids from 10 and under to adults the opportunity to enjoy the life-long sport of tennis.

Members plan to bring more tennis to Hudson for all to enjoy. The annual tennis tournament was a fundraising event to support the mission of the HTA.

I am pleased to see young members of the community gain the passion for tennis through the support of the HTA and experience the unbelievable memories as they qualify for the Hudson Raider Tennis Team. As a society, we should be very proud of our remarkable tennis legacy.

Having the correct equipment has a profound effect on the game of tennis. The HTA plans to use some of their funds to resurface the Hudson High School tennis courts. They were last resurfaced about eight years ago and their age is showing. The large amounts of cracks in the courts were filled this fall to make them usable, but it is debatable as to what the cracks will be like next spring.

Tennis is a good sport for maintaining health and fitness. It is also a game that people can play throughout their lifetime and is an ideal social activity. It is a sport for kids to learn early in life. For adults and seniors, tennis can be picked up at any time in life. The key is to begin playing tennis now in order to reap the benefits throughout your lifetime.

Tennis is truly the sport of a lifetime. As a community, please support the HTA in resurfacing the Hudson High School tennis courts so everyone can enjoy them and continue to expand on our Hudson tennis tradition.

Morgan Van Allen, Hudson