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Letter: Don't bash Christians

Dear Editor,

I'm not sure of the point E.G. Dehmer is trying to make in regard to Christians persecuting others? Do you support a genuine Christianity and Christ's sound doctrines? Or, if you're a practicing atheist and support such, just come out and say so. Granted, not everything done in the name of Christianity is Christ-like, but don't be confused by co-mingling the two, and I wouldn't advise "throwing out the baby with the bathwater" either!

Has it become cool and politically correct now days to be a Christian basher? A kin to the "blame America first crowd"! No matter how much good they do in the world, they're always the first to be blamed for anything that's controversial! Cherry-picking the minute over the masses in regards to events for the pursuit of one's personal agenda! Remove Christ, you won't like what fills the void!

Do you recall the Pilgrims fleeing religious persecution? They weren't fleeing other Christians! How about the secular atheist communist countries estimated at killing 150 million of its own citizens (including 75,000 in Cuba)? I don't believe Hitler started a war over the aspect of Christian religious domination! Nor Kaiser in WW1! How about the killing of thousands of Americans on 9/11? Or, the ongoing deaths from terrorism around the world? Is it the Coptic Christians in the Middle East countries doing all the killing, or even any of it for that matter? Have we had less school violence since removing Christian values and teachings? How about with former gang members, or those in jails after they've converted to Christianity?

True Christians don't make the government their God, and blindly follow it into wrongfully killing in Christ's name. Our Constitution and freedoms we enjoy were derived from the Christian Bible! Cherish it!