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Letter: Critical of school district

Dear Editor,

Now that the School Board and its binder of paid consultants (rezoning, real estate, building, hair, and make-up) have thoroughly vilified all other site options for a secondary school, they are now forced to consider some no build options. The plan has a short term phase 1, to solve immediate overcrowding problems while phase 2 is and I quote "Phase 2 is a multi-year plan designed to provide relief for a longer period of time before a long-term solution can be implemented." Huh? Who's on first? This uniquely designed plan was presented by Superintendent Eggebraaten. Surprise! Surprise!

The board has set aside $3.4 million for the "short term fix for secondary space needs." In other words, Superintendent Eggebraaten is going to spend, spend, and spend dressing it up as a multi-phase plan that needs the binder of consultants to approve. It's her way of punishing the district for the failure of the SCM property that she consistently blames on the City Council. Eggebraaten proposed the SCM purchase to the board (who blindly went along) and should quit blaming others for her blunders.

Bottom line, find a site, build a school and be done with it! Nobody needs phase 1, phase 2, each costing more than the one before. How long are we going to let this superintendent spend our money with no accountability? Because of her actions I have been forced to chain BBUM to the furnace which has made his gastric output abnormally high, forcing me to spend my days in a Korean War surplus gas mask. I wouldn't mind so much but I have a head the size of a cinder block so the mask must be duct taped on, pulling large clumps of hair out upon removal. Fat bald and stupid is a terrible way to go through life.