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Letter: Critical of superintendent

Dear Editor,

Has the Superintendent and some members of the School Board gone nuts? The latest policy proposals remind me of Nazi Germany. Have they forgot that they ultimately report to the taxpayer.

If I call a board member to ask why they voted a certain way, I expect to get a straight, forward and honest answer whether it was with the majority or not!

I will be willing to bet who put these together; the superintendent, the lawyer, school board president and maybe one other person. Board policy should be put together by the board with input from the superintendent, if requested. Not the other way around.

I have never seen nor talked to Sandy Gehrke, but, she has my support. We must remember that she was the number one vote-getter last spring and if I remember correctly, by a good margin. I will continue to vote for non-incumbents for the School Board until we get some common sense. Gehrke excepted.

The dog track debacle, now this. Unbelievable! The School Board has lost their credibility, they will never get a bond issue passed for a new school which is needed. We need a new superintendent.