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Letter: Likes Obama's health plan

Dear Editor,

If the Romney/Ryan ticket wins this November, I face not being able to buy health care insurance for my pre-existing conditions.

Thousands of people would suffer because we could not get health insurance after our COBRA benefits run out. It's estimated that a minimum of 30,000-50,000 people will die in this country this year because they are denied routine medical care. Denied insurance coverage.

When President Obama's Affordable Health Care Law takes full effect, we cannot be denied this coverage. Being denied health care has nothing to do with the ability to pay or not wanting health care. Simply denied, the opportunity to purchase health insurance because you have a preexisting condition.

If Romney/Ryan win this election millions of people would suffer and tens of thousands of people could die absent routine health care. That is the undeniable truth. What is even more concerning are the Republican plans to turn Medicare into a voucher system. This would require seniors to purchase their own health insurance at an advanced age. Think about this, being retired, well past your earning years and needing to purchase health insurance! By the time we hit retirement age how many of us won't have a pre-existing condition?

That voucher the Romney/Ryan plan provides for health insurance won't matter because you will be denied the opportunity to use it. But this is the Romney/Ryan long-term plan to cut cost. When you are old, no longer able to work, you are of no value in their society. You now have become part of that infamous 47 percent.  

Social Security and Medicare were implemented to allow seniors to live in their own homes as long as possible with personal freedom and dignity. It's inevitable we will all get old.