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Letter: Romney can create jobs

Dear Editor,

I'm surprised how so many want to blame Bain for all the problems in this country. They had an 80 percent success rate with companies surviving, which I would say, is pretty good! It's like if you were on a boat that capsized with a hundred people aboard and an individual saved eighty of them and now they're demonized for not saving them all! Or, a doctor who had an 80 percent success rate with terminally ill patients. Get informed and get real!

Who put these companies in jeopardy? Newsflash, it wasn't Bain Capital! These companies called Bain when and because they were already in deep trouble. Who would have hired Bain, if they didn't have a good success rate? What would have happened to these companies without Bain? The impression trying to be portrayed is they'd been thriving!

On the contrary, Mr. Obama has not created one single job in his life, before or after being president! Since being president, we have still had a net loss of jobs, but let's just overlook all that! Consider the unemployment in a hospital scenario; it's like bragging about having fewer patients because so many of them died! Unemployment's lowered because so many have given up looking for work and just went on government assistance. Good example of Obama's success rate: Remember Solyndra? Fourteen of his green energy companies went broke with billions of our dollars!

G.M. needed a Bain Capital as versus all of the taxpayer's money! I don't remember Bain using your money to bail out these companies as the president did! Yet, Mr. Obama's glorified for such. G.M. would have just filed bankruptcy, reorganized, or found someone to buy them out and make the company work as it should; the old fashioned way! Thanks Mr. Romney for doing your part in saving the tens of thousands of jobs you were able to.