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Letter: Backs Obama for president

Dear Editor,

Beware voters! One percenters are lamblasting TV with abusively, critical ads about Obama, justifying their hate for him. Gross dishonesty and big bucks are trying to win the day!

Romney and Ryan have trouble with the truth. Remember Obama is voting for you, the 47 percent and 97 percent American people. Support a tough, likeable, charismatic leader who cares first about your welfare. He is not shiftless, pandering you for power. He is powerful, stable, enduring hard times and succeeding to bring the middle class up the ladder as well as acknowledging equally, deserved rights of veterans, women, the disabled and elderly.

You will find Obama's financial plans compare admirably to those of Romney/Ryan--Obamacare benefits sustain at costs less than those costs proclaimed by two lying Republican debaters, on that issue. Financial consequences are best explained in Paul Krugman's articles in the NY Times:

Romney's "moderation myth" is yet another mask. Shifting positions is what Mitt has used all his life, says Judith Dushker, a Mormon colleague who's known him most of his life. "In Mitt's view, no one else has anything to offer. He's always right...and that has been his modis operandi his entire life." His unsteady, erratic, aggressive approach seems to satisfy jump-start voters, unaware of his insensitivity to those he expects to preside over.

Patience and compromise are also challenges necessary to bring our country forward into the world. Reuters news finds: "Romney's Strong Debate Showing puts Europe on Edge" as Jan Techau, director of Carnegie Europe says: "There's a general tendency to stick with what you know and what you have been working with."

A valued system of democracy is not bought with dollars -- rather earned from the hearts and good minds of our people. Stand up for enduring, trustworthy, intelligent traits required for a president and you will see Obama win!