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Letter: Kreitlow is choice

Dear Editor,

Pat Kreitlow is an independent voice for Wisconsin, a bright man who understands the issues and speaks for ordinary people. He's been a news anchor and understands the complexity of political, social, and economic issues. He can see the story from different angles, and that is the vision needed in government.

He's for reducing the deficit responsibly and investing in growing the economy, bringing jobs to Wisconsin by closing the loopholes that reward companies for shipping jobs overseas. Pat stands out as an independent voice for seniors and ordinary people, not the pocketbooks of those with corporate and political interests outside Wisconsin who fund super PAC TV attack ads.

Pat entered the Congressional race when he learned that Sean Duffy had voted for the Ryan budget, which he believes is wrong for Wisconsin. Among other things, it penalizes those who have paid into Medicare for many years. Duffy's vote for the Ryan budget speaks volumes for Duffy's real priorities, which have more to do with the extreme Tea Party agenda than with the priorities of working people in our district.

Reject partisan status quo. Elect someone who has vision and will work across the aisle to solve the problems we face. Vote for Pat Kreitlow, Nov. 6.