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Letter: Politics, love and God

Dear Editor,

We approach November. Courted for our votes, pondering the season of false gods... Politics. We create and elevate political parties, which divide, diminish and consume us. Assigning politicians more importance than those they "serve"; these parties perpetuate idolatry.

The "first commandment" for many: "You shall have no God before me." God is love. Politics aren't love. They've become the opposite.

Has the Constitution become a false god to us? Important, but man-made, written in 1789, it endorsed slavery and excluded women from voting. What is this ferocity with which we have historically tried to exclude other humans from rights we demand for ourselves? Does love separate, or unite?  

Is our "America" a false god? Power and might. Though proud to be American, I'm predominantly humble; grateful and fortunate to be born here. Gratitude motivates me to share blessings with everyone. Love is fluid, seeping everywhere; doing no harm to anyone.

A prophet stated his greatest law; "Love your God; love your neighbor as Yourself." No mention of "rights" to carry guns, free speech or capitalism. He didn't value the unborn more than those alive and suffering. His love wasn't contained by borders or sold to the rich.

We clamor, "Which of us is right? My constitutional amendment upholds your law, Jesus!" Certain that he'd side with our "moral majority," his answer may disappoint. "No ... simply Love."

I am Christian. Though I cannot speak with authority on the beliefs of other Faiths and Religions, I don't diminish them. Love is a cornerstone for you too, right? Words of your prophets are not far from teachings I honor; words we aspire to live by.

Unlike money, the more love you give, the more you have. May that comfort us, in "election season" and always.