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Letter: Response to religious posts

Dear Editor,

Recently, there have been attacks in this section against those who do not adhere to any theological belief, or to the articles author's belief system. Specifically, Dr. Bill Cordua was belittled for educating people about the history of the St. Croix River Valley; and Mr. Carter felt the need to make wondrous claims on the origins of morality and their unfounded correlation to his religion.

Have we forgotten that there are over 2,800 individuals throughout the historical record whom can be classified as "gods?" Are they merely imaginative beings created by their authors? Are their values, beliefs, and teachings irrelevant because they do not originate from your god?

There is no doubt that some individuals find comfort in their faith of a deity, however, to say this is the only appropriate path towards morality discounts and devalues a large segment of the human population. To suggest that the terror caused by a few agnostics throughout history is representative of every current non-believer is illogical. Following this reasoning, every Christian would be no better than a Crusader or a pedophiliac priest.

Are these the values to which they are referring, or do we just omit all "non-Christ-like" occurrences? Atheists, agnostics, anti-theists, and the like are not immoral beings, and these prejudicial claims are unwarranted and immoral in themselves.

Atheists are a minority in this country, but more of us are emerging every day. However, there are many of us who conceal our non-belief, fearful of being ostracized and receiving reprisals from individuals such as Joe Carter and Gerry Lancette. We seek no eternal bliss in an afterlife, nor do we fear an eternity of damnation.

We live our lives to better humankind, to live every precious moment we have on this earth to its fullest, and to ensure that future generations can enjoy all the spectacular experiences that life has to offer.