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Letter: Thoughts on gay marriage

Dear Editor,

Although this is not Minnesota, the marriage amendment is really getting to me. Seeing the Vote Yes commercials on TV and the billboards throughout Minnesota fills me with sadness and anger. I recently saw a commercial that said, "Boys should not like boys. We should not be teaching same-sex marriage in schools. Same-sex marriage affects us all."

I don't know if the people in this commercial are stupid or just pretending to be, but this is one of the most bigoted, hateful, and narrow-minded things a person could say. If boys shouldn't like boys and girls shouldn't like girls, then humans should not be like dogs or cats. Not letting your child learn about same-sex marriage is like not allowing the teachings of the civil rights movement or the women's movement.

Also, how does same-sex marriage affect a straight couple? Being gay is not like some magical fairy dust that you just go around sprinkling everywhere. How should I know? I am gay. Now, some of you reading this may be saying, "Why would you choose to be gay?" I did not choose to be gay. Why would I choose a lifestyle where I am oppressed by society, have no rights, and discriminated against? I did not choose to be born with bad teeth. I did not choose to have curly hair. And I would certainly not choose to be gay.

Seeing these kinds of commercials where hateful bigots say that I am not equal and that I should not be able to love really hurts. In twenty or so years from now, future generations will be reading about us in the history books. Kids will wonder why the gays were hated so much, like how we wonder why the blacks were so discriminated against back then. I have hope.