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Letter: Hudson School Board policy can't stifle the minority

Dear Editor,

Our community should thoroughly reject the proposed Hudson School Board policy intended to stifle minority opinions of board members.

The proposed policy mandates board members "accept that the board acts by majority vote and speaks as a body with one voice through the vote it takes, and not through individual members," as well as "refrain from taking any action that may undermine an action or initiative that has been approved by a majority vote of the board."

Any action? Really? Hogwash. One must then assume the board also rejects the U.S. Supreme Court decision demanding, not allowing, the minority opinion be voiced and written when deciding legal issues? Apparently the rights of the minority voice must be quieted in the board president's opinion. But why?

Perhaps because the suppressed opinion may be true. The School Board is most certainly not infallible. The board may not lack the legal authority to decide an issue for all people, but the board most definitely lacks the moral authority to keep others from coming up with their own judgments.

All people are hurt by silencing potentially true ideas. The only way the board can be confident their "majority vote" is right is to allow all, fellow board members included, the liberty to contradict and disprove their decisions. Each of us must decide then where we believe the truth to be represented. Since the only way the board can fix their mistakes or validate their decisions is through open discussion, the judgment of the board is valuable only when it remains open to criticism.

If some members of the School Board are so self-righteous they demand the tongues of dissenters be ripped away, how can they retain our confidence or vote? It is time to consider electing more open thinkers to the board. Is your personal liberty not worth it?