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Letter: America is on good path

Dear Editor,

The election is only days away. If you haven't voted early, take the time to do so now or on election day. Your vote could decide this election. It could make the difference between whether we continue on a difficult path of change towards a prosperous and sustainable future, or go back to the same path that brought us two wars, to the brink of global economic collapse and into the Great Recession we are painfully working our way out of now.

We can continue to move forward with real change like Wall Street reform that regulates markets and protects consumers, or roll back the progress we have made and allow those who manipulate markets to remain unaccountable. 

We can embrace the PPACA that makes healthcare affordable for all and protects patients with pre-existing conditions, or we can strike down the most important act since Social Security and limit or deny tens of millions of Americans access to healthcare.

We can continue to put international pressure on governments and dictators who oppress their people and pose a threat to the world, or we can go it alone like we did in Iraq and Afghanistan - two wars that have cost our country hundreds of billions of dollars and thousands of American lives.

We can work towards real tax reform to end Bush-era tax cuts that have helped push our deficit to unimaginably high levels, or we can let a small minority play by other rules at the cost of the majority of Americans.

America is on the right path. Anyone who would bet against America for his own personal gain or wish for the economy to continue to falter for his own political advantage is not fit to be president.

Please vote.