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Letter: Lenient sentence?

Dear Editor,

I recently noticed that two individuals who were found guilty of theft, here in the Valley, of over $20,000 will do no prison time. Both were sentenced to extended probation and restitution. It's not that I disagree with the sentence, in fact quite the opposite, what I wonder is will the courts show such sentencing insight in all similar situations? For example:

If I wrestle myself into that black body fitting leotard I've been eyeing up at "The Fashion Bug." Slip a jumbo size crotch reinforced big mama pantyhose over my head. Then stealth my way through an unlocked freight door into some unsuspecting business. While there I manage to collect $20,000 worth of merchandise and slip away unnoticed into the night. But the authorities happen to catch me before I am able to get to Turtle Lake to donate my ill-gotten booty to the Native American Fund. Will I be the benefit of the same kind of sentencing insight? Should I expect a walk? I should say not!!!

From the minute the deputies at the jail start pulling my leotard off like two kids Christmas morning with a new Stretch Armstrong doll; I would be headed for prison. There would be no probation, there would be no mercy of the court. Like the Monopoly Man I would "Go directly to Jail."

However for those of you who have that warm fuzzy relationship with certain powers in the Valley you kind of have a free swing at twenty grand. If you are successful in your embezzlement attempt, twenty grand here you come. If not, all you have to put up with for the next five years is probation... Wait, "Probation!" Never mind take the two years in the big house. It's still worth a shot...