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Letter: Best to buy locally

Dear Editor,

A friend asked me the other day while looking over a stack of books my husband and I recently purchased as gifts for each other and our children if we had bought them on Amazon. He was surprised when I answered, "No, we bought them at our local bookstore." "But you could have saved a bundle online!" was his response.

I went on to say how much we love our new bookstore (Chapter 2 Books) and want to support it, but as I gave it more thought in the days since, I compared that action (buying local) to how we view another favorite pastime -- coffee at a local coffee shop on Saturday mornings. If saving money was our modus operandi, we could simply stay home and have a lotta lattes for a third of what it cost to have one at the coffee shop. But what we're paying for, in addition to a great cup of coffee, is the service, the ambience, the feeling of community and camaraderie -- the things we don't get at the kitchen table.

The same explanation holds true for buying books locally. When we enter Chapter 2, we are greeted with a heart-felt "hello" followed most often by a lively discussion over the latest books the owners and we have read, informed suggestions on what to buy for whom -- seven children, 15 grandchildren, each other and friends -- things one can't buy online and leave feeling good about not only the service rendered, but by the good we are doing for the city of Hudson and the community by doing our tiny part to keep this business going.

A town without a bookstore is a town incomplete and culturally deprived, and we are so thrilled we have one again. I would urge other book lovers to buy at least a portion of their tomes from Chapter 2. And don't even get me started on Kindles, etc.!