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Letter: Hanson is solid choice for school board

Dear Editor,

I last worked for Bruce Hanson four years ago yet I continue to speak with him on a weekly basis. Our professional lives have taken us our separate ways, but I continue to call Bruce because of our friendship certainly, but also because I know I can count on his thoughtful attention to whatever it is I ask him to think about.

During one of our most recent conversations, Bruce shared with me that he is seeking a seat on the Hudson Board of Education. To me, this seemed inevitable. Inevitable because Bruce's nature is to perpetuate the very best of the things he is a part of, and to lead the effort to improve the things he finds that need improving.

When Bruce and I did work together I watched him lead a sizeable sales organization through two different mergers. People were unsure about the stability of their jobs and prone to feelings that somehow they'd find themselves on the wrong side of whatever was likely to come their way. Throughout what eventually became a three year period of transition, Bruce was the voice of reasoned optimism; often the only voice.

Now, as a member of the Hudson community with his two boys working their way through your school community, Bruce is passionately pursuing an opportunity to play a part in the school community's continued success and ongoing effort to constantly improve. 

Any member of your community looking to elect a thoughtful, principled member of their community who wants nothing more than to give the very best of his own efforts to the betterment of Hudson's schools should feel confident in casting a vote for Bruce Hanson.