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Letter: Address the 'real' problem

Dear Editor,

The knife that O.J. Simpson used to "allegedly" murder two people was not blamed for that horrendous crime. 

The culture of violence in America started many years ago. Look at where our society has regressed from our moral standards of just 50 years ago. These days Christians are often demonized as radicals. Prayer is prohibited in many places. Abortion is legal. Homosexuality and same sex marriage are promoted as if they are something good for our country. Diversity trumps unity. Affirmative action mandates that we discriminate against more qualified and intelligent people for jobs and college admissions. The family unit is nearly extinct. Welfare often promotes laziness, crime and more welfare. Drugs, alcohol, sex and money are idolized by many. Personal responsibility is shunned and ignored by many, including a lot of our elected officials. Violent movies, violence in video games and pornography are easily accessible to our children.

It took our society many years to get to where we are at today. We won't fix it overnight, be it executive order or by passing more laws. We need to go back to square one!

What I find most concerning is not only is our leadership failing to correctly identify the real problem, but even when they do, they refuse to accept it because it does not fit their agenda. That is the definition of tragic!