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Letter: Don't need more guns

Dear Editor,

Gun control is much in the news, as it should be, since the tragedy in Newtown, Conn. In my opinion, this discussion is long overdue and much too important to receive a quick fix made when emotions run high. My hope is that cool heads will prevail and long-term solutions can be found. Many sides of this problem are to be considered and all sides seem to have compelling arguments for their particular point of view.

The solutions currently being proposed by the N.R.A. appeals to many of a particular mind set. However, if we should choose to arm teachers, then you must include bus drivers, custodians, crossing guards, and anyone who works in any institution where large numbers of people gather. Are pastors and persons who lead worship services also to be armed? The whole idea becomes ridiculous unless you really want our society to become an armed camp. I don't think that is what the formers of our constitution had in mind. Nor do I see it as a society in which I want myself or my family to live.

We should remember the mission of the NRA is to make a profit, which translates into selling more guns. Introducing more and more guns into our society strikes me as about as reasonable as to put out a fire by pouring on more gasoline.