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Letter: These movies not appropriate

Dear Editor,

Just a month after the Newtown, Conn., massacre where 20 little children and eight teachers were slaughtered, guess what our greedy, anything-for-a-buck movie writers and producers in Hollywood have been making millions on - you guessed it - No. 1 and 2 at the box office were "Texas Chainsaw 3D" and "Django Unchained" by that wonderfully compassionate Quentin Taratino. Oh, you're worried about "1st Amendment freedoms?" Well, folks, these two films are so unspeakably, disgustingly and sadistically violent, it is clear that their sole purpose is depicting the wanton murders of human beings (and, incidentally, making lots of money for those sick, evil producers of this kind of violence!)

According to one reviewer, these movies don't pretend to be anything "but exercises in vicarious sadism where human bodies are treated like carcasses in a slaughterhouse." Author and movie critic/reviewer Eric Metaxes wonders how a movie like this can be playing to packed theaters just weeks after the Newtown tragedy...what kind of people are we Americans becoming? What kind of a culture thinks these movies have any kind of redeeming value? How can we possibly think the glorification of this kind of violence is good for anyone?

Think about what we allow into our minds -- worse yet, the minds in impressionable teen-aged boys, and why? Parents, do you really want your teen-aged son to view this kind of perversion? If you think this kind of garbage is acceptable, maybe you should explore the possibility of possible links between what goes into our minds, and what happens in real life. Companies spend millions of dollars in advertising to impress their images on us (think Super Bowl) and then say there is no connection between these movies and the violent society we have become. Who's lying to who - and why?