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Letter: Will vote for Jamie Johnson

Dear Editor,

On Feb. 19 there will be a primary election to select candidates for two open seats on the school board. I urge all eligible voters to mark this date in their calendars. There will be five names on the primary ballot. I am sure that all five are good people who seek to serve their community unselfishly.

I will vote for Jamie Johnson. He is a good person with a sincere interest in making Hudson a better place to live. More importantly, however, Jamie has the qualities of a leader. He has the ability to critically assess issues and draw logical conclusions.

School board members are required to deal with many complex topics. Their responsibilities are not limited to any single issue. They must be open-minded and objective in their approach to problem solving.

Jamie is an independent thinker who has the necessary experience and skills to lead and build consensus. These are qualities that will help unify our community and move the district forward in a positive direction. Jamie also has a high degree of integrity and is committed to family values. He has a long history of volunteerism and community service. I know that he will work hard as a school board member and take his responsibilities very seriously. He is the kind of high-quality, open-minded reasonable person that I want to representing me on the school board.