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Letter: Backs 'rainy day' fund for Hudson School District

Dear Editor,

The School Board voted to raise the salaries of a majority of Hudson School District employees recently. They indeed should be compensated for their work. However, I believe that two-thirds to three-fourths of that money should have gone to raising compensation, but one-third to one-fourth should have gone to a "rainy day fund."

Households must have a buffer fund, why should not the school district also? (And maybe they do have one.)

We as a community need to be creative in making up the difference in salaries. Students and parents can write thank you notes, give gift cards to local grocery stores, and give gifts. Fundraisers (auctions, bake sales, etc.) can be organized to raise money to give as gifts to teachers and other employees. We can smile and say, "thank you." Writing a thank you note takes time, but can be a huge encouragement to the recipient.