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Letter: Back Kunz for School Board on April 2

Dear Editor,

I sit wondering how six of the seven School Board members could think that Superintendent Eggebraaten could deserve such a handsome raise. The fiscal negligence she demonstrated during the SCM property debacle was unprecedented. Hiring appraisers, architects, consultants, lawyers and realtors to promote a piece of property that could not be built on. All moneys that could have been saved if she simply waited until the city had made its decision on rezoning.  

Add to that the deceptive ways she practiced to gain public approval for the SCM property. The nondisclosure of the mold at the track, the fictitious appraisal, the self-serving critique of the UU property, the list goes on and on. I wish I was employed by the district, if frivolous spending and deception are the basis for huge salary increases, I'd be making a million dollars a year. Unfortunately what the School Board recognizes as raise worthy behavior, the private sector considers criminal.

The board has put the UU property back on the table as a possible secondary school site. They also awarded Hoffman LLC a "Pre-Referendum Architect Service Contract." What the heck is that? What are they going to service? Does that mean one of the Hoffman boys are going to give another deeply enlightened speech telling us the UU property is hilly and lies outside the city limits? We will solve the overcrowding problem at our schools with or without Hoffman receiving $70,000 for a "Pre-Referendum Architect Service Contract."  So why spend the money?

I have had enough of the "Mary Spend Round" please let me off. The road to change starts with you the voters, so when you go to the polls in April vote Jeanette Kunz for School Board. The others seem like more of the same.