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Letter: No fan of St. Croix County administrator

Dear Editor,

From 1975 to 1987, Wisconsin Sen. William Proxmire awarded a monthly Golden Fleece Award targeting wasteful government spending. The time has come to bring the Golden Fleece Award back.

For failing to pursue with due diligence and research a beneficial plan for the sale of the county farm land Feb. 23, 2013, the 550-plus acres of county farm land with no reserve, appraisal or zoning change.

For failing to move forward with the planning and construction of a new nursing home.

For proposing the demolition of the HHS building with no plan for the relocation of staff and services.

For proposing that the proceeds from the sale of the county land would even begin to cover the costs associated with moving and upgrading the 911 service center or the HHS building.

For proposing changes to the St. Croix County bylaws which will stifle the ability of supervisors and committee chairs to fully represent their constituents and places greater control with the county administrator.

For allowing wage and benefit cuts to nursing home staff to continue with no end in sight.

For proposing a new five year contract with a base salary of $160,000, $400 a month for car expenses, a lump sum payment each year for Exceptional Performance Incentive Compensation, Deferred Compensation account of $10,000 with funds deposited annually with matching funds deposited if the employee finishes the contract term in 2018.

The award goes to St. Croix County Administrator Patrick Thompson.

St. Croix County ranks 19th for population in the state, third for the highest paid county administrator (if the contract is approved we will be first). With a county per capita salary of $31,377, we can't afford Patrick Thompson.

I urge you to contact every county supervisor and tell them to vote no on Patrick Thompson's contract.