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Letter: Hanson will serve Hudson School Board well

Dear Editor,

Stephen Covey wisely articulated that effective people lead their lives and manage their relationships around principles centered on how to make all whom they interact with better for it.

As a group president at RRD, I have the pleasure of working with Bruce every day and have witnessed behaviors consistent with this in all his interactions with customers, peers and his managers. His leadership style is quite selfless and never wavers from achieving results without concern for credit. Doing the right thing, getting the job done, win/win are bedrock principles for him.

These principles are never more apparent than in the complex customer engagements that he manages on behalf of our company. He has a keen ability to pull together varied organizational resources to meet complex needs and provide the organizational leadership necessary to make certain that effective execution takes place. He also harbors an intellectual curiosity and a questioning nature that challenges our senior executives to seek continual improvement on behalf of customers and employees. This is fueled by excellent listening skills and a willingness to challenge the status quo, even in those cases where it would be easier to stay with what has always worked. This is always done with a sense of good cheer, humor and humility that disarms people and makes it safer for people to embrace that change. To me, that is the essence of leadership and what we should be striving for.

Bruce speaks very fondly of Hudson and being a part of your community. My guess is the people he interacts with in the community would have the same experience as I do in business. He commits himself with passion to everything he chooses to take on and I would strongly suggest you vote for Bruce Hanson to serve Hudson's Board of Education on April 2nd.