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Letter: Says Superintendent raise is unwarranted

Dear Editor,

People! It's time to play, "Colossal School Board Blunders" my name is Fred Garvin and I'll be your host for this edition of "Colossal School Board Blunders!" The object of the game is to pick the best path for a school district to follow trying to avoid a "Colossal School Board Blunder." Let's get started!!

With one year left on her contract and three months from a comprehensive evaluation of her job performance what should the Hudson School Board do about giving the superintendent a raise at this time? A) Tell her to go kick rocks. B) Give Mary a huge raise that will bring her salary to the 12th highest in the state among superintendents ignoring her past fiscal negligence or the fact that in three months there will be an evaluation of her performance. C) Contact Marshal Applegate and see if the Heaven's Gate Cult space shuttle that follows behind Haley's Comet has room for six more. D) Wait for the evaluation and make an informed decision on whether a raise is warranted based on all information available. E) Ask Hoffman LLC to subsidize part of her raise.

This is a tuff one folks. Six out of the seven present School Board members got it wrong. I know that sounds ridiculous, but it's true. Board Member Gherke was the lone vote of wisdom and fiscal responsibility. On the bright side, all four of the School Board candidates got it right at the Candidates Forum last Thursday. Leaving one to wonder about the six sitting board members who voted for the raise.

Seriously the Eggebraaten six must go. Granting a raise before the evaluation is ultra-dumb. If this same question was raised after the election the vote would have been 4-3 instead of the misleading 6-1.