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Letter: St Croix County is working well

Dear Editor,

St Croix County is lucky to have a government which works the way a democracy is supposed to work. The structure of the democracy is simple. We elect County Board supervisors in each of 19 districts. Those County Board Supervisors then elect the board chairman who they entrust with many tasks including making committee assignments. These are the workings of a representational democracy.

Through closely observing the democracy in St Croix County over the past decade the writer observes that our elected officials conduct themselves with a high degree of professional decorum. Such mature leadership would be nice to see at state and federal legislatures. Many controversial issues have been acted upon with dignity and with a certain grace.

The people of St. Croix County enjoy the privilege of publicly addressing every open meeting of the County Board and subordinate committees. Many municipalities and county governments overlook the voice of the citizens unless required by a higher authority to hold meetings for public comment. This is a recent development which was instituted by the County Board at the strong recommendation of the administrator.

No action taken by a government will please all of its citizens. We are lucky to have a transparent democracy in St. Croix County. As in any Democracy it is the will of the majority in the voting booth which determines the direction that government shall take. As a community we must accept and abide by those decisions made through this very democratic process. Dissent should not be manifest in personal attacks of elected leaders who are working to fulfill their mandate without malice and in good faith.