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Letter: Disagrees with St. Croix County DA

Dear Editor,

The DA of St. Croix County is living on cloud nine. His law credentials have generated so much power that it has gone to his head. It is time for him to go. Mr. Johnson has decided to join the anti-second amendment crowd, not for gun control but for a total gun ban. Mr. Johnson, you keep your advice, I'll keep my guns.

Have you been struck by amnesia? Do you realize how overly regulated we are already by the federal and state governments? In Wisconsin, Chapter 941 subchapter 3 and 175.35-37, and ACT 35 are full of regulations. Enforce existing federal and state gun laws. By the way armor piercing bullets are already banned in Wisconsin under 941.296.

Guns have never been a free for all. Their sale is regulated to law abiding citizens after a NCIS and Wisconsin DOJ background check. Wisconsin has so far rejected 4,000 applications for conceal to carrying and revoked 900. And why shouldn't they be free for all? Vehicles are, and they kill when a drunk or a druggie under the influence or a mentally unstable person gets behind the wheel. We don't check until they run people over.

Banning "high capacity" magazines is akin to banning vehicles to limit our choice of not being able to buy a Lamborghini. Like existing gun laws a Lamborghini's speed is regulated too and it will still kill at 60 mph. So limiting gun capacity will not lower crime. Law abiders don't kill people. Criminals do.

Gun control only leads to increase in crimes by other means: Eliminate the 4th and 5th amendments. It will make your job easier. The country got rid of the Bible, devalued human life via abortion and euthanasia, embraced Hollywood and video game violence and we have problems.