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Unhappy with Obama

Dear Editor,

After watching some video clips over the past few days of Nancy Pelosi lauding the 'transparency' of the process of writing the abominable health care bill one can only marvel at the audacity of lies this administration cultivates.

This entire health care fiasco is 100 percent Democrat. Not a single Republican amendment has been allowed, no Republican has been allowed into negotiations and every alternative idea offered by the right has been roundly decried and denied.

If this gigantic piece of socialist agenda gets rammed into place it will nearly complete their socialist/Marxist jigsaw puzzle. Congress and the Senate are legislating in clear and willful disregard of their constituents. Poll after poll finds we do not approve of Congress's actions now by a nearly 80 percent majority. Their goal? Total government control, paid in part by mega-millions in kickbacks to buy the vote of the remaining holdouts in the senate.

Comparing the normal, entrenched earmarks to those lavish rewards that Senator Nelson (D-NE) or Senator Landrieu (D-LA) et al received for their vote is closely related to comparing the cost of a street walker to that of a high-priced escort - and guess who gets the shaft?

With the undisciplined and rampant, out of control spending by this congress that will, for generations, cause financial hardship for all Americans, it's paramount that the upcoming mid-term elections result in a completely different type of "change" - namely, the Democrats and other party socialists up for re-election find themselves without a voice in government for many years to come.

And a side note; in the ongoing effort to ascertain legal status of the Liar In Chief to occupy the Oval Office another lawsuit brought by a citizen to require Obama to produce a valid, full-form birth certificate has been recently dismissed because the plaintiff allegedly "has no standing." It's nothing less than a convenient cop-out by the courts, bowing to pressure from the legal-beagles; Obama's paying millions to in order to keep everything buried. Where there's smoke - there's fire.