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Now we see the 'alliance'

Dear Editor,

One benefit of the past two weeks, is that it has truly exposed the unholy alliance that has existed for decades between the leadership of the government unions and their counterparts in the Democratic Party.

Here is how it works. The government union leaders take money from their members and give it to Democrats to help them get elected. In return, the leaders of the Democrats give the government unions sweetheart deals, which are unsustainable. The rest of us get stuck paying for these sweetheart deals, and the cycle continues from election to election, until we end up in an economic mess and vote for a change, as we did last November.

However, now these spoiled and selfish leaders from both the government unions and Democrat party show there true loyalties, and throw a temper tantrum against the very people who pay their wages/benefits and who they are supposed to serve. The question is, do we reward this childish/damaging behavior and go back to business as usual, which only benefits the few? Or, do we put an end to this vicious cycle, support the responsible representatives we have elected and put all of Wisconsin, as well as the rest of the country, back on the road to prosperity?