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Letter- Problems abound

Dear Editor,

Unemployment numbers generate finger pointing. Nancy Pelosi choking on her words said (paraphrased) "Whatever the numbers are I can assure you that if it weren't for the President and congressional Democrats it would be much worse." She lies straight faced and unchallenged.

Democrats ruled the nation for the first two years of Obama's term. They passed everything they wanted including our current biggest problem, Obama care. They decide which GM and Chrysler dealer would stay open and changed the contents of the inhaler our asthmatic friends use. They alone ruled over two years with unrestrained power, things only got worse. Now they're wringing their hands and lying again saying "We know it's bad but if it weren't for us it would have been even worse." Really? We're supposed to buy that and want more. Hunters, try this, "Honey I know I spent too much on that hunting rifle, but if I didn't have restraint I would have replace my scope too." Or this one when you come to work late for the fourth time in a week, "Boss, I know I was late again, but it was my ability to motivate and be a self-starter that ultimately got me in to work today. You should thank me."

In Washington, DC they use a practice instituted by Jimmy Carter during his reign. They plan to increase spending every year by more than 7 percent. If the increase is by 2 percent instead they lament a 5 percent cut. That's deceitful, dishonest, fraudulent, corrupt, and lying and many hard working, trusting, albeit uninformed Americans believe them.

Wall Street has its share of thugs, thieves and rotten SOBs. Washington has more than its share and we elect them. America, look around, we're broke. We need to fix Main Street, Pennsylvania Ave and Wall Street.

Tom Winkler, Prescott