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Letter: Unions not the answer

Dear Editor

Why is that if a Pastor makes a political statement from the pulpit his church is in danger of losing its tax free status while unions make political statements and openly buy an endless stream of elected government officials while enjoying the tax free life?

If you want to see the ultimate end of what the union has in store for you check out what the UAW did for Detroit. is the Detroit Free Press website, take a look for yourself, do a web search for "Detroit Unemployment statistics" and be amazed and saddened. While the national average unemployment rate has dipped below 9 percent, Michigan's unemployment rate is near 15 percent. Detroit/Lavonia unemployment is just below 30 percent officially while many officials, who don't want to be named, believes it to be closer to 50 percent by the time you factor in part-time workers looking for full time, seasonal and those who have given up.

Two things fly out at me. First, if unions were the answer to our problems Detroit would be the land of milk and honey. Secondly, if being political means being taxed, unions collectively owe enough to solve the national debt.