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Letter: Argues for Ron Paul

Dear Editor,

Thank you for covering the union continuation vote. What these numbers show is one very important and immutable fact: 41 percent of the teachers have for generations been forced to forgo their liberty and join an organization that may or may not represent their views. This was not freedom. This was tyranny.

This letter is meant to ask that you actually think for yourself and make your own decisions and respect everyone's liberty. Let me take you down the road to our future if we continue to destroy our liberties.

First, we will collapse the currency. Deficit spending and unbridled borrowing are destroying the fabric of society and any hope our children have of a future. Oddly enough our youth understand this clearly and are flocking to presidential contender Ron Paul's side. They are tired of the false left-right paradigm and wholesale selling of their future brought by both sides. Wake up, you are in The Matrix.

Second, banks are trying to take final control of our world economic system. If you don't believe me look at the largest bank in America-The Federal Reserve. This institution is about as "federal" as "Federal Express." But, the ideas from both sides are simply more spending and further destruction of our liberties from nearly all the candidates but Ron Paul. In short, the banks are the feudalist rulers of today and you are becoming a serf in their kingdom.

Third, a new war is coming. Don't be fooled by the "Iran is dangerous" crowd. These are the same people who lead 8,000 of our most precious resource to their death in a war that even I was duped into believing was worthwhile. They create these wars to promulgate their power and scare you into believing we are surrounded by danger and need to give up more of our freedoms. Revolution is not coming to America; it is here and they are preparing to defend the kleptocracy with the freedoms we so quickly gave up in the name of the "War on Terror." Wake up, you are in The Matrix.

We have been conditioned by both the Republican and Democratic parties, our major news outlets, and The Powers That Be that we must chose a side and remain divided. They don't want us coming together and pulling back the veil. They don't want us questioning what we have been told.

Orwell said it best in his book "1984" Orthodoxy means not thinking - not needing to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness.

Wake up, you are in The Matrix.