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Letter: Christians are penalized

Dear Editor,

I express gravest concerns about what appears to be a systematic conspiracy to remove all faith traditions from the United States public arena. In the 20th century this was the M-O in Imperial Japan, Communist Russia and China, Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy.

Recently the University of Minnesota released guidelines for university employees regarding the Christmas season. University employees are not to greet anyone with Merry Christmas. The guidelines go on to remove the saying Happy Holidays. Holidays is derived from the Christian designation of Holy Days. Employees are to greet each with a nice happy winter celebration...or similar greeting.

The university went on to say no festive foods that would be common for religious feasts or celebrations would be allowed. Any decorations in the office have to be non-related to anything associated with Christmas or Hanukah. University employee First Amendment rights are being totally trampled on. This is insane.

I am exposed to raunchy four letter words in my living room when I watch TV. I am exposed to derogatory insults against God, people of faith, and have movies like "The Last Temptation" from the media. I go into gas stations where one can easily buy Playboy, Hustler and Penthouse magazines with full nude pictures degrading women. Internet has vulgar pop ups. And last week, there was a one-hour "Vitoria's Secrets" lingerie show on TV during prime time with virtually naked women parading on stage.

Nazi protestors, "skin heads", Satan worshipers and white supremacists are not only allowed to march, protest and freely express their views, but law enforcement officers are routinely dispatched so these protestors are allowed to demonstrate without fear of harm. All of these are protected by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. But if a University of Minnesota employee wishes someone Merry Christmas or writes a Christmas message, they could face disciplinary actions.

What is wrong with this picture?

Solution offered! I was once told do not gripe if you are not willing to get involved! The university can simply give a statement annually that they, as an institution, do not endorse or promote any individual faith during this time of the year, or any time.

Public institutions are scared to death of the ACLU, the Supreme Court ruling of separation of church and state (not separation of church from state) and the media criticism with regards to faith. Yet, these same institutions champion recognizing and embracing diversity for gays; accommodating immigrants by printing information in Spanish, Hmong, or other languages. Why can everyone else be protected for self-expression in public and we Christians cannot?