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Letter: Questions Komen group

Dear Editor,

"It's only business" is what the mob guy says to the murder victim's family after having ordering a hit. In other word's it's nothing personal -- simply business as usual.

The Susan G. Komen foundation would have us believe that being for or against the killing of unborn children is merely "political" and that we just need to "move on" (and get over the fact that mothers have the constitutionally-protected right to kill their unborn babies). They would still have us believe that the killing of unborn children is merely a "choice" and a "reproductive service." And, of course, anyone who is against the killing of unborn children must also be against women. They would further have us believe that Planned Parenthood offers abortion services because they care about women and families. Hopefully we are no longer that naive.

The murder of unborn children is not and should not be a political issue. It should not matter what political party we belong to, the color of our skin, or our yearly income (or lack of income). It is spiritual. It is economic. It is sin. It is being me-centered rather than God-centered.

Do they expect us to believe that giving Planned Parenthood thousands of dollars every year is one way Susan G. Komen is able to show they care about women? I can think of better ways to help women (both born and those still in the womb) and I would bet you could do. Are we as stupid as they think we are? Perhaps we are.

Stupid to give them our money (hoping it will help find a cure for breast cancer) so they can support an organization that kills unborn babies and hands out condoms and sex information to our young children in the public schools. There are many organizations doing cancer research which are more deserving. It is up to all of us to know how the money we donate is being used. When the media reported (what many of us already had suspected) that the Susan G. Komen Foundation was supporting Planned Parenthood, very sadly donations to both organizations soared.

Now that it has been confirmed what the Susan G. Komen foundation does with their grant money, I would urge you to support breast cancer research (and unborn babies) with your time and money somewhere else.