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Letters regarding school board election

Letter: Bruch is board choice

Dear Editor

We have many choices this year for the Hudson School Board, make one of those choices Dr. Liz Bruch, an informed and experienced educator and a member of the "senior citizen" cohort. She has "been there" through the years of changes in our educational process and knows what it takes to meet the educational demands our students need to prosper.

She is committed to providing the best education possible for our students and recognizes the primary importance of quality teachers in accomplishing that mission. Dr. Bruch believes the school board's responsibilities is to set all policies on behalf of the good of the community, the students, and the teachers, that the board is responsible to. Vote for an experienced educational voice we can stand behind.

Peg Audley, Hudson

Letter: Dislikes one candidate

Dear Editor

In Hudson, we have a primary coming up on Feb. 21 to narrow the candidates for school board from seven to six and we will be able to vote for three candidates. I urge all voters to research the candidates for the Hudson School Board carefully and vote for candidates who believe that strong public schools are vital to the health of our community and set an example of respect for others.

In order to research one of the candidates, I read Sandy Gehrke's blog, I was appalled by the disrespect she showed for our democracy, for a number of people, and for our excellent public school system. She advocated voting for Isaac Weix who proudly lied about being a Democrat in an unnecessary primary election last summer that wasted taxpayer's money. Does a school board candidate who supports telling lies and wasting public funds represent the values of our community?

She made disparaging remarks about our president, for example, calling our president "Mr. Liar in Chief Obama" or "this White House Flake" as well as many other disrespectful names. She called another public figure a "Mafia Princess" and repeatedly referred to union members as "Union Thugs." Does someone who shows such disrespect set a proper example for school children?

She also referred to public schools as the "socialist public school system." Does this reflect pride in our public schools? If you are considering voting for her, I urge you to look at her blog and ask yourself if this is the type of person you want to hold up as an example for our young people and trust to make wise decisions about our schools. We have a great responsibility to the young people of our community to vote wisely in the upcoming school board election, please do your "homework" before voting!

Joyce Hall, Hudson