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Letter-Answers responses

Dear Editor

Thank you for publishing my letter on Feb. 9 "Dislikes one candidate"

and the replies from Sandy Gehrke and Lee Christianson last week. I would like to answer both letters.

I did not criticize Mrs. Gehrke's conservative beliefs and I respect her right to hold them. Furthermore, it is necessary in a democracy to respectfully disagree with our politicians, so I encourage everyone to do that. My letter pointed out the disrespect that Mrs. Gehrke uses in her blog when she calls public figures names; it is important to understand that name-calling is a form of bullying behavior. If we want our schools to be free of such behavior, the adults in our community not only need to set an example of respectful behavior, but be willing to address bullying behavior in everyone, particularly our community leaders.

In response to Mr. Christianson, I agree that respect for a person's character and integrity needs to be earned, but believe that respect for human dignity does not. He suggests that politically correct behavior is not necessary. To me, being politically correct means treating everyone with respect regardless of their beliefs; this is an essential characteristic of a high-functioning society and one of the reasons for having anti-bullying policies in schools.

High standards of behavior are expected of the students in our public schools; how will the young people of our community know what is expected of them if adults aren't role models?

Joyce Hall, Hudson