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Letter: Defends freedoms

Dear Editor

As a nation we're so far from what made us great, it's scary. Call me old fashioned I don't care.

Religious liberty has value. The freedom to worship God, mold my behaviors, curb my desires and live in what I believe to be a posture that expresses my obedience to God is something I believe benefits society. It should happen without government intervention.

I am not a Catholic however I know their beliefs state that use of contraception is not a God honoring act. Who am I to say differently? And who is/are the federal government to mandate differently?

OK, the firestorm is behind us because Obama offered an alternative to the contraception/Obama Care mandate. Are you sure about that? Every Pastor, Priest, Mullah, Rabbi and Godly American should be appalled that the administration would have made such a move in the first place. The arrogance that goes along with the attempt to deny religious freedom should concern liberty loving Americans.

Learned or religious men who ignore the warning as politics do so at their own peril. Your freedoms, liberty and values could be next. Light bulbs, books, speech, travel, fire arms, thought, search, seizure, freedom of association, what's next?

Republicans and Democrats purchased what little power "we the people" had with handouts stifling the will and enslave the recipient. Government should be protecting life, liberty and our pursuit of happiness.

The government stopped a pipeline from Canada to Texas because it might leak and foul ground water or a wetland, protecting drinking water, frogs and ducks; protecting what cannot protect itself. Yet if a woman is about to deliver a child and chooses an abortion, government permits her to deliver enough for the gruesome act of killing that child and calling it a "partial birth abortion." Isn't that troublesome?