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Letter: Backs Jordan in town of Hudson race

Dear Editor,

I am expressing my support for Don Jordan as a supervisor for the Town of Hudson in the upcoming election on April 3. I have known Don and his family since the early 1970s. He served as chair of the Town of Hudson in the early 1990s and then on the St. Croix County Board in the early 2000s. He currently serves as the chair of the Town of Hudson Board of Adjustment. In all these years, Don has been a thoughtful and respectful person who listens to all sides of issues.

Since the middle 1970s the Town of Hudson has had its own zoning ordinances that are separate from the St. Croix County zoning ordinances. Under Don's leadership one of the crucial tasks implemented in the 1990s was the updating of these Town of Hudson ordinances which have served us well for about 25 years! Don's countless hours of listening, debating and compromising led to the adoption of these updated ordinances that continued to build on the good work of previous Town of Hudson boards. Don's leadership provided the vision to protect the rural nature of the Town of Hudson through the use of defining "permitted uses" in preparation for the dramatic growth and urban pressure of the last two decades.

Prior to the implementation of these ordinances, most applications to the town were made through a "special exception" process that was subject to the political makeup of the board at that time. Thanks to Don Jordan for his work to help make the Town of Hudson a great community.

I am happy that Don Jordan is willing to continue to serve his community. I ask that you vote for him on April 3.