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Letter: Hold fathers responsible

Dear Editor

It just won't end. At the state and national level, legislators are introducing and voting on issues specific to the rights of women. Most recently, the government is being asked to legislate women's choices on contraceptive coverage. Catholic leaders are pushing a restriction on contraception coverage even though 98 percent of Catholic women have used contraception. Is it now the responsibility of the government to be an enforcer on women who will not abide by the churches' demands?

The abortion issue has also been a hot topic with the most recent legislation requiring a vaginal probe ultrasound before an abortion even though this is not medically recommended. So if this is not a medical recommendation, why do so many legislators want to probe women's vaginas? Is it truly to protect the unborn or is it a more vulgar, misogynistic abuse? If this preoccupation is truly concerning about the unborn, wouldn't there be legislation not just regarding the responsibility of the mother but also that of the father? Why is there no legislation requiring mandatory DNA testing to identify the father and then require this man and his family (if father is a minor) to provide adequate financial coverage and shelter for the mother and child from the time of prenatal care through college. Why make it just the responsibility of the mother and her family? If we included this paternal mandate, it would assure security for the mother and child beyond the point of birth and limit the need for public funding and support. Of course, this would impact the success or advancement of many people's lives and their financial futures. Representative Sean Duffy and Senator Ron Johnson both have advocated for abortion restrictions and against contraception coverage. Let's see some legislation to hold men accountable too. It takes two to tango.