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Letter: Appreciated article

Dear Editor,

I was energized to read your recent article "Stuttering group meets April 4" about the support group for people who stutter which is organized by Dr. Jerry Halvorson and meets at UW-River Falls campus. Dr. Halvorson deserves much praise for starting and maintaining this support group that has served so many people who stutter.

During my youthful years, I wish that I had been able to have to a support group like this where I could gain confidence and know that I wasn't the only one on the planet with this speech problem.

It is my opinion that all speech problems in general need more attention by the media and more attention by the federal and state governments in terms of funding for speech therapy.

A website which people find helpful and that offers free resources on stuttering is the website of The Stuttering Foundation ( The site of this non-profit organization offers many streaming videos, brochure. One downloadable brochure is "Special Education Law and Children Stutter", which explains how every child in the country has the right to free speech therapy from preschool through high school; this free speech therapy covers all speech problems.