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Letter: Religion under attack

Dear Editor,

You know the story, the frog in a pot set over a flame that eventually boils. The premise is important and proven, as is another, "The Slippery Slope."

America lost a political scientist in March. James Q. Wilson's 1982 essay called "Broken Window" stated that tolerating small crimes led to more criminal behavior. Wilson also pointed out that unchecked there is often an escalation to the behavior.

It's really nothing more than common sense to me, as it probably is to most of you, yet it was controversial at the time. Rudy Giuliani employed this proposition having the NYPD crack down on petty crime. In time he turned New York from a crime infested cesspool left by Mayor David Dinkins, to whatever adjectives you want to describe NYC, minus rampant crime.

The premise isn't difficult to get your arms around, little infractions beget larger ones. Who doesn't know that?

The general tolerance of Christians is leading to our own demise at the hands of liberal America. Moral certainties, religious beliefs, Nativities, "So help me God," One nation under God, the Ten Commandments, Christmas and Easter have all been diminished, dismissed or demeaned by a nation that often denies the very truths in the heart of its founders. Television, whether HBO's Bill Maher or ABC's new primetime Soap GCB, regularly mocks God and believers.

I pray we can start the pendulum swinging in the other direction. We didn't get here overnight and it won't change quickly. Neither will it change if we all stand around and look at our shoes.

Mr. and Mrs. America, we need to start to challenge things, know that not everyone has your best interest at heart. Let's not re-write history or tear up the Constitution.

My prayer is simple, that God will bless America.