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Letter: Momentum West - St. Croix Meadows property: possible connection?

Dear Editor,

Ever heard of Momentum West? I just learned of this wonderful group that thrives in our valley. Their mission:

Momentum West is a regional economic development organization composed of 10 counties: Barron, Chippewa, Clark, Dunn, Eau Claire, Pepin, Pierce, Polk, Rusk and St. Croix.

What? I know, their explanation is too white collar for us plain, uneducated slobs. Basically they try to promote economic growth in the 10-county central corridor of Wisconsin. One of their primary duties is to lure new businesses, manufacturers, schools etc. to the valley and try to match these new concerns with existing buildings. A kind of real estate agent disguised as Dudley Doright, if you will.

For example, if we brought our overcrowded school problem to Momentum West (hypothetically, of course) they might come up with the old dog track property as a solution. Filling the needs of the district while getting rid of a nightmare property at a premium price.

The vacant track property might be considered a good solution to our overcrowded schools if the district did not already own property capable of supporting a school. It might be a good solution if it did not take 131 acres of commercial bearing tax land off the tax roll of the city of Hudson. It might also be considered a good solution if there were no other viable solutions. Finally it might be a good solution, if Croix Land Properties was not asking four times the market value of the property.

So, you see how Momentum West promotes the valley and tries to assure that the 10-county central corridor of Wisconsin remains economically strong. By helping existing owners of vacant properties get the most for their old, outdated, hard to sell real estate. Oh! I almost forgot the best part, president and chief executive officer of Momentum West is Noel Eggebraaten.

Although it would explain the School Board's take-no-prisoners approach to acquiring the track property, and the systematic dismissal of all other solutions or possible build sites. The superintendent should be strictly concerned with the quality of our children's education and not with where, how and who builds our schools. Those duties fall to the board.