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St. Patrick School presents ‘An Out-of-the-Box Christmas’

The manager scene takes on a new look in “An Out-of-the-Box Christmas.” The cowboys are the wise men, the cheerleader are the angels and the pirates are the shepherds. Playing the roles, from left, are Quincy Burns, Maggie Barker, Kira Young, Eddie Reece, Ben Heckmann, Mason Loughlin, Claire Stewart, Matthew Mauer, Michael Wirth, Claire Jacobi, Samantha Borchart and Sam Gerard. (Hudson Star-Observer photos by Randy Hanson.) 1 / 11
Ben Heckmann, front, leads the finale to the program, a song titled “A Night to Remember.” Heckmann played the stage manager and super hero, a lead character called Gabe. Behind him, from left, are Noah Bailey, Mason Loughlin, Kira Young, Ava Siwik, Genia Roth, Michael Wirth, Sam Gerard, Jack Emmerling, Ben Jakubowicz and Samatha Borchart.2 / 11
Genia Roth plays the lead role of Mrs. Strictland, the director who has to adjust to some non-traditional costumes for a Christmas play.3 / 11
“This is Bizarre! This is Beserk!” the students sing upon discovering that the boxes that are supposed to hold costumes for a traditional Christmas program contain cowboy, cheerleader and pirate outfits. The players, from left, are Maggie Barker, Claire Stewart, Brendan Daley, Mason Loughlin, Tate Davies, Eddie Reece, Ava Siwik, Ben Heckmann, Quincy Burns, Sam Gerard, Matthew Mauer and Michael Wirth and an unidentified fourth-grader.4 / 11
The second-grade singers included, front from left, Bradyn Bezanson, Khloe McMahon, Sebastian Preston-Versteegen, Leah Mitchell, Eli Bailey; second row, James Bauer, Kyra Hebert, Alyssa Miller, Ethan Hinz; third row, Anthony Annen, Leah Jacobi, Samuel Berkley, Stephen Hebert, Allison Hauser; top row, Blake Passe, Abby Emmerling, Graham Sittlow, Sophie Cybulski and Zachary Daulton.5 / 11
Quincy Burns, Eddie Reece and Tate Davies, from left, are singing cowboys/wise men.6 / 11
Members of the third-grade cowpoke choir includes, front from left, Maria Haugh, Lauren Goulette, Bri Brathol, Brady Miller, Evelyn Rohrbach. Kam Krook is visible in the second row. In the third row are Toby Schneider, Anna Walter and Estelle Siwik. The top row includes Rowen Cook, Harvey Holmstadt, Colwyn Waldal and Leo Matuga.7 / 11
Michael Mauer plays a pirate/shepherd.8 / 11
Third-graders Luc Douglas, Lauren Brusky, Jason Dress and Liam Brendel sing “Giddy Up!”9 / 11
oah Baily plays a clown, one of the unlikely characters in “An Out-of-the-Box Christmas.”10 / 11
Claire Jacobi is a cheerleader/angel in this Christmas story.11 / 11

This year’s second, third and fourth grade Christmas program at St. Patrick School was another crowd-pleaser.

The students presented “An Out-of-the-Box Christmas” by Celeste and David Clydesdale, a musical about a school that receives a shipment of the wrong costumes for its Christmas program.

Instead of getting robes, angels’ wings and halos, Mrs. Strictland’s students pull cowboy, cheerleader and pirate outfits out of the boxes when they arrive.

Mrs. Strictland (played by Genia Roth) despairs, but the students come up with the idea of telling the Christmas story in a new way. In the end, all is well.

The cast of characters was comprised of fourth-graders, while the second and third grades served as the chorus.

Music teacher Cheryl Forester directed with musical, with assistance from parent volunteers Jim and Kim Burns, Charlie and Kiki Roth, Melissa Dress, Tim Heckmann, Joe Madigan, Robyn Borchart, Megan Brendal, Alicia Naughton and Heidi Young.

These scenes are from the dress rehearsal last Thursday afternoon. The musical played to a full house in the school gymnasium that evening.

Randy Hanson

Randy Hanson has reported for the Star-Observer since 1997. He came to Hudson after 11 years with the Inter-County Leader at Frederic, and eight years of teaching social studies. He’s a graduate of UW-Eau Claire.

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