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Booster Days’ goal is to raise money for youth sports

Tom Smith been involved with the Hudson Boosters for 10 years, and has been president of the youth sports organization for the last three. (Hudson Star-Observer photo by Alexa Hilt)

Hudson Booster Days is right around the corner, and while most people are looking just to have a fun weekend, the Booster members, volunteers and youth players are looking forward to the funds they can raise for the program.

The Hudson Boosters is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1954. The volunteer organization sponsors a variety of youth sports, including baseball, softball and football.

With 780 baseball players, 354 softball players, 55 challenger players and 350 football players, the program is in need of the financial help of the community to allow the Boosters to continue to provide quality and affordable programs for the youth participants.

There are a number of ways that the Hudson Boosters work to get the funds they need to continue to do give kids the chance to play sports, including Hot Air Affair bingo and a golf scramble every year, but the biggest and most successful fundraiser of them all is Booster Days.

According to Tom Smith, president of the organization, Booster Days offsets 10 percent of its annual operating expenses. He says that Hudson has an electric and festive atmosphere during Booster Days, and all of the fun comes brings the financial support to keep youth sports thriving.

“Booster days goes back over 50 years,” Smith said. “I think is important for people to attend Booster Days is for one; it’s our most important fundraiser to support the youth programs, and two; as the city of Hudson gets bigger, Booster Days is an important tradition to keep alive and keep the small town vibe.”

Smith has been a resident of Hudson since 1999. He has been involved with the Boosters for 10 years, and has been president for the last three. His involvement with the program started with his three kids, who have all played Booster ball.

He worked behind the scenes with the Booster club until he joined the board a few years ago. Today, there are 60 active members for the Boosters, and around 400 volunteers who may not be members, but contribute mightily to the organization.

“There are people who are a part of the baseball, softball, and football committees who work tirelessly behind the scenes and are still not formally a member of the Booster club,” Smith said.

With the outpouring of support from volunteers towards this program, Booster Days has been a favorite part of the year for people for a number of reasons. It provides the city of Hudson with a July 4 weekend full of fun and memories to be made, as well as gives the youth of Hudson the opportunity to play the sports they love through the money that is raised.

Booster Days is July 3-5 in downtown Hudson and kicks off with a carnival at 1 p.m. on Thursday, July 3.

On Friday, the fun starts at noon with a kids’ fishing contest, and 11 a.m. on Saturday with the annual parade on Second Street. The entertainment goes all day and into the early morning, ending at 12:30 a.m. Thursday through Saturday.

“Hudson is a great town that just keeps getting better and better,” Smith said. “The school district is great, the downtown is jumping, and the parks are getting better all the time. It’s just a whole lot of fun hosting Booster Days in the lakefront park area because you really feel like it’s a small town during this event.”

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